10 Self-care Ideas for Tired Mommies

self care ideas for tired mothers

There’s no way around it: Life can be stressful even on your best days. As a mother, you may find you have a little you-time to relax and refresh. Between the multiple activities you're always facing, when will you even find the time or energy to do anything for yourself? 


So here’s today’s challenge: Choose your own self-care routine and know that you deserve it. We listed below some of the best self-care ideas that you can try to feel energized and well-rested. 

1. Meditate

Believe me, meditation is not a gimmick of today's generation. For the past decades, the practice of meditation rose to fame because of its effectiveness in reducing stress and controlling anxiety. 

The best part? It is not heavy on physical stress. Basically, the ultimate how-to of meditation is to sit down still, focus and silence your mind.
Aside from minimizing stress and anxiety, it can also help to: 
  • Promotes emotional health
  • Enhances self-awareness
  • Lengthens attention span
  • Reduce age-related memory loss
  • Help fight addictions
It is best to do meditation in the morning. This way, you can start the day with a bang and feel calm throughout the day. 

2. Socialize

Socializing is a great way to feel refreshed and rejuvenated. All people need someone they can turn to — especially for mothers. Friends can help to reduce the stress of a tired mommy. So call your friends and meet them ;be it on your house or outside — what’s important is that you spend time with them. 

With our technology, video calling and messaging through the Internet really helps in getting in touch with someone. Our physical and mental health depends on having close relationships with people we can turn to, especially in times of crisis or stress,” says Dana Crowley Jack, EdD, an expert on women's health at Western Washington University, in Bellingham.

Here are some ideas you can try:
  • Message your friends from a distance.
  • Get to know your neighbors. 
  • Sign up for a class at your local recreation center, library, or university.
  • Connect to other mothers. 
  • Volunteer at your favorite charity organization.
  • Play a group sport like lawn bowling. 
  • Have a friend or family member over for coffee or tea.
  • Play cards or board games with friends.
  • Go to the gym with your friends. 

3. Read a book

If you’re super tired and can't afford to move or go outside, reading is perfect for you. With reading, you get to enjoy your free time while relaxing and resting in the comfort of your home. Reading can also help you to be engaged mentally and improve your creativity.
A 2009 study at the University of Sussex showed that reading was the best way to overcome stress, even over activities such as going on a walk or listening to music. Researchers measured participant’s heart rate and muscle tension and saw it took six minutes for readers to ease tensions once they began. 

4. Get a beauty treatment

Nothing sounds good as a self-care than a beauty treatment. Fellow mommies, I know this can be a little expensive and a stretch. But let me go in a limb here and say that the first months are really not making us pretty. There are times we can’t even get a decent bath. That’s why a beauty treatment can be the best self-care out there.

And it’s not all about feeling beautiful again, it's about feeling like yourself again. Replace that dull complexion with a radiant glow with facials. Be more confident again with relaxing manicure and pedicure. Do whatever treatment that will help you to be yourself again. 

5. Get your body moving.

I know, you’re already tired and wiped out for taking care of your children. Why would you do a tiring physical activity in purpose? 
But choosing to do an activity that will get your blood pumping is a great way to feel refreshed. It can also help you to shed some postpartum fat. You can also meet other people here that can help you in dealing with some of the stress. Engaging in physical activities doesn't have to be extreme either. You can do a simple and short home workout or yoga or even a brief jog around the neighborhood. 

6. Treat yourself.

There are studies that confirmed shopping activates the pleasure centers of the brain, those that release the feel-good chemical dopamine. In a way, shopping can enhance moods and bring emotional relief for all exhausted mothers. 
And what more enjoyable is to go shopping with your friends. If your baby is old enough to go out, maybe you can whip out a baby stroller and shop around together. 

But if shopping outside can be too tiring for you or you can't leave your baby alone at home, you can always choose to buy stuff online. With our technology, online shopping prove to be a good alternative to the actual retail therapy experience. 

7. Get a message

Ease your sore muscles with a message. It’s the perfect remedy for pain and soreness after a long day. It can help your body to keep up with all the activities you have as a mother. 

8. Do what makes you happy. 

We all have our own hobby. It is important that we don't bury it and forget it as we face challenges as a mother. For example, I love writing. It helps clean out my thoughts and improves my mood all day. So, I make time to do it even though the day will be busy. 
Long story short: Remember the things that make your soul happy and do it. 

9. Get a good sleep.

A good sleep can make all the difference. For tired mothers, this can sound really great and relaxing. Because it is. Even though that it sounds simple, sleep can help you to prepare your body for tomorrow's challenges. 

10. Go easy on yourself. 

Listen: Being a mother is a success itself, and we all know it is earned through hardship and perseverance. Coming up with the responsibility of motherhood is a tough challenge for all of us. It is important that you know being a mom doesn't mean you have to sacrifice yourself. First of all, you have to take care of yourself first before you can properly look after to your baby. 

You can do self-care in any way you want. After all, there is no single viewpoint on what is the best self-care activity. Do the things that relax you and keep in mind — you don’t have to be the perfect mom, just be the mom that your baby needs. 

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