5 Simple Ways on How Dads Can Help in Breastfeeding

Moms may be the ones capable of 'manufacturing' or producing liquid gold. But it doesn't mean that the sole responsibility of feeding a child should be all on them. Fathers could also be of help when it comes to this matter.

1. Learn about breastfeeding.

Only a woman can breastfeed, but it doesn't mean that your partner could get away from being clueless about it. The best thing your partner could do is to make mommy happy! How? He could research what are the foods/treats and other factors that may affect the quality and quantity of milk that you produce... and of course buy them for you! 😆 Fathers should do their very best in making sure that moms are physically, emotionally and mentally in pink of health.

2. Offer help.

Breastfeeding isn't an easy thing to do and sometimes, even though you haven't moved around much, it drains your energy out leaving you exhausted. It would definitely mean a lot to moms if dads could take care of the household chores and some babysitting.

3. Remind you how much you're a blessing to him and your baby.

One of the best and sweetest gesture any partner could do for you is to reassure you that he's really proud of you for what you're doing. 

Dads, if you're the one reading this, you know too well that if there's one thing a dad couldn't provide for his child, it's breastmilk. Appreciate your partner even more and know how much of a sacrifice it is for her just to give your child a healthy headstart in life.

father mother nursing lactation

4. Help you stay hydrated.

Breastfeeding could drain you (literally & figuratively!). Juggling motherhood and other responsibilities are tough. So, it's not big news to us that some moms forget to take good care of themselves. One of the simple ways your partner can do for you is bringing you refreshing drinks while you're breastfeeding or pumping. 

5. Keep the coast clear.

Some new moms find it uncomfortable to nurse or pump in public or in the presence of other people. If you're one of those moms who feel this way, you can ask your husband to keep the coast clear for you. It is important for nursing moms to feel "relaxed" to encourage lactation.

Don't be too hard on yourself, momma! You'll also need your partner's help. Also, in this way, breastfeeding could be a precious bonding moment for you, your partner, and your child. 


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