Mantras for Mommas

Everyone knows that it's not easy to be a mom. But it's one of those fulfilling roles that will give you joy for the rest of your life. Having a child entails a lot of responsibilities. You're not only responsible for your own decisions; now, your choices might affect your child's life, too. Yes, it can get overwhelming at first especially if you're a new mom, but here are mother mantras you can always keep in mind for you to keep going.

1. There isn't one right way to be a great mom

This is a solid advice one mother could give to another. Just because this parenting trip may have worked for you and your child, doesn't mean that it will work with other moms and children, too. On your part, be careful about giving unsolicited parenting advice to other people because they might take it the wrong way. Now that you're a mom, you can now fully understand that you can do things differently. When it comes to parenting, no same method will probably bear the same result. Therefore, you must learn how to respect others' parenting styles, and the favor might be returned to you.

2. My kids grow up fast, but not that fast. If doing the dishes makes me feel better, then I'm going to scrub away

One thing about being a mom is that you also have different roles to fulfill, as well. Aside from being a mom, you might also be an employee or a boss, a wife, sibling, and child. It's hard to do two roles simultaneously, what more if you're going to have to do all of it at the same time? It's alright to take a break from being a mom. It doesn't mean that just because you gave birth to your child, doesn't mean you have to be a full-time hands-on mom 24/7. Yes, your child grows up too fast for your liking; but an hour away from him will not make you feel like you've missed out so much. You do you, mom. Your child can wait.

3. I'm not doing it wrong. It's just that hard

Yes, we know that motherhood is a rewarding thing to do. But it's not an easy and smooth-sailing journey. There will be times when you thought that you've already mastered taking care of your child. But, the next thing you know, something has gone wrong. You may blame yourself for this, and it's completely normal to feel that way. You're responsible for your child, but not everything that goes wrong is your mistake. Give yourself a break. Yes, you have your lapses, but it doesn't mean that you're a bad mom. Parenting is just hard, and we're sure that everyone will understand that.

4. Nothing bad happens from not seeing it the first time

You might feel guilty about not being able to witness and document your child's first step or the first time he said "ma-ma," but the great news is that you shouldn't sweat on it. Sure, it might have taken you quite some time to teach your child how to do that, and being able to see it for the first time your child did it is priceless. Then again, it won't be the last time your child would be able to do that, wouldn't he? Don't beat yourself up just because you weren't able to capture your child's firsts or milestones. There's still a lot of those coming to your ways, and you'll surely see those a million times.

5. It's okay to accept help

Just because you've hired a nanny or have your parents in the house to help you around with your child doesn't mean that you're not a good parent. You're learning. Also, not every mom is excellent at multi-tasking. Diss out the word "supermom" which means you can do everything at the same time. Reality bites: you cannot do everything at the same time. Or maybe you can, but then you'd have to compromise something along the way like your health or time for yourself. It's completely okay to accept and ask for help from others.
These are just some of the mom mantras you should always keep in mind. There's no right way when it comes to raising a child. As long as you're able to take care of them in the best way you know-how, you're great at what you're doing. Don't forget to cut yourself some slack. You're a mom - and still human - after all.

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