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Milksta Mommy Brew is a beverage brand made for and by moms. At Milksta, we care about helping moms going through the difficult months or years of nursing. 

 Breastfeeding isn’t always easy, sometimes it’s a challenging struggle with lack of supply, pain, mastitis, nipple thrush and never-ending clogged ducts. Milksta Mommy founder, Lian has been through it all. From the first days after her son was born, her milk didn’t come and her son had to consume formula instead. Determined and not willing to have this vital element of mothering taken away, she pushed through pain, mastitis, traveling around the globe with an infant (thanks to breasfeeding they don't need to pack in bottles and sterilizers!) to ensure her son gets the necessary nutrients that his growing body needs. She also found out that her son suffered from lip and tongue tie which made breastfeeding that much more painful. 


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She tried it all, every store bought lactation aids and galactagogues, getting her son the surgery he needed, all while controlling one of the things she loved most - coffee. In the end, it was all worth it. Seeing her thriving, healthy, and happy son now, with a steel immune system, reminds her daily that her struggle was not in vain. This left Lian determined to help other mothers going through the same difficulties. With Milksta, nursing mothers don’t need to worry about what they’re consuming. Most importantly, they don’t need to give up coffee (or tea) in order to keep their child healthy. 

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Completely vegan, this decaf coffee is a healthy alternative to store bought instant coffees. Milksta was first conceived in late 2017 and then launched in early 2019. Lian realized the perfect recipe as she gobbled down her nutritionist mother’s home-cooked dishes topped with Moringa while vacationing in her hometown in the Philippines. There, Moringa Oleifera, a superfood and popular vegetable in Asian cuisine, is also used as a healthy and practical galactagogue. It was so effective for her that she was not only able to feed her own son, but she was also able to share and donate her liquid gold to other babies and moms in need. Seeing the triumph through her own child’s well-being and flourishing health,  she knew that this was a treat she had to share with as many mothers as she could. Being away from her home country made it difficult (and costly) for her to find Moringa so she thought of a way of having it wherever she is in the world, blended with her favorite drink...coffee!

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Nothing is more satisfying and gratifying than the love messages and letters from fellow breastfeeding supermoms telling how Moringa-infused nursing coffee/drink mix has helped them with lactation. Milksta will also be coming out with new products this 2020 - vegan coffee & tea lattes and more - so to help an even larger array of nursing mothers. 

Made for mothers, by mothers, this mighty mom support company offers a daily supportive hug in a mug.